This week 07-11-05 ePADAM carried ‘orthography’ under the etymology. The best thing about this week’s ePADAM is that almost all the topics had something or other to do with COMMUNICATION whether verbal or non verbal. Kind of gives a nice feeling. But for the very first letter of criticism (?) that commented on the ambiguity of some of the topics in the column there generally appears to be some sort of acceptance(!). The response from the kids is good. We did publish the names of some of the readers who did send across their answers for various small ‘do it’ I gave them. Nice feeling again. Am able to prod those minds that are way back in the rural , ‘upmarket‘ country that is a NO, NO for the business/commercial enterprises who translate everything into a earn-able rupee and that which is not is not their potential territory. How very unfortunate. I want these minds way back in the rows of the schools away from these BHAGYANAGAR’s to fight out and come and join these ranks here and improve themselves and help enjoy a better life. Hope there is at least one mind out there which had learned something from my ePADAM and one individual who has learnt to live a better life helping herself from LifeSkills.

Author: anilatluri

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