Tripuraneni Ramaswamy signed thus..

You see that signature right there! It is in English. For the visually unimpaired it is quite obvious that there are two words, the first one being the English letter T and the second word reads Ramaswamy. Do you see any other word there?


This is presumably the signature of Tripuraneni Ramaswamy, a social reformer first, one who fought the rampant caste system of his days and shunned using word appendages trailing one’s name denoting the caste he is born into, a fierce Telugu nationalist, a patriot and a poet, who chose the pen to kindle the rational lights in the minds of people.

This signature tells me that he did not use the words either ‘Choudhury‘ to help be recognized that he is a ‘KAMMA‘, a caste that he is born into.

Is it then not a fact that some of these individuals are tarnishing this fierce fighter’s causes that he held dear to his heart, attributing their mean thoughts to him, to his opinions, to his thoughts and to his deeds and making a mockery of all that he stood for and fought all of his life for them?

I ask them.

Who gave you that right dammit?

To call him Tripuraneni Ramaswamy CHOUDARY, when he is a simple Tripuraneni Ramaswamy?

Tell me?

“There is no such thing as public opinion. There is only published opinion”.
Winston Churchill

Author: anilatluri

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5 thoughts on “Tripuraneni Ramaswamy signed thus..”

  1. Brother…I can understand your frustration. I completely agree with you. These name politics are due to people with some socio political reasons who want to have the attention light casted on them.Disgusting creatures…It’s like a white man wiping out the redindians….

  2. People endured this social evil for generations even after they were enlightend by activists like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Viresalingam Pantulu, Gurajada Appa Rao …., it is worse than utter poverty.At least happy to notice that educated and working women openly soliciting marriage proposals with caste nobar in matrimonial sites.Gowda, naidu, raju, reddi, pantulu, sastry, sarma, … will be there embedded in our names for a long time to come. But with globalization children are going to other countries and entering into marriages with children of other cultures. It is a change, it’s long trek ….

  3. well it depends on when was the signature from. (I guess it is from Later part of his life when he became more iconoclastic). I do agree that Ramaswamy is bigger than the narrow caste confines.

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