At last ePDAM has reached many hamlets and villages and the folks away from the cities and the urban and semi-urban readers. Now there are a few out there who are reaching out for their writing instruments, pulling out their pencils,pens and erasers and post cards and envelopes their hard earned money to pay for the postage to mail their impressions and needs. That gives such a wonderful feeling. There are those kids out there who would be looking forward to my ePADAM and trying to figure out the answers and learn hopefully in the process and build up their English vocabulary and hopefully would use it to improve their own self and the society at large. WHOOPS..WHOA..what a feeling
of exultation and accomplishment.Those few who knew me called up to inform that the page layout, the design, the content had been presented in a nice way and appreciated it.
This too had reached them but then wonder how many of them
would come back for the reviews.Those that read did like it. The language, the style of narration, presentation they liked it. Perhaps it would be difficult to keep them impressed for there is much that is expected.But then it is a must that the management and the editorial team at Andhrajyothy be thanked and the EDUCATION desk team, Kiran, Umesh, Karunakar and especially Gopi who have given their best to see that the columns presented well. Thank you friends!