Vivek Murthy becomes America’s Surgeon General, so what?

So what?
How does it help India?
Fine. He is man of Indian origin. Being an Indian and if you are Asian Indian you are proud.

However, I do not understand what all this euphoria is all about?
Every time, someone  of Indian origin, gets into lime light in that land of dreams , the browns in India are euphoric. He’s one of us they claim. Good. But does s/he think s/he is one of yours, is my question to them.

The initial stories, at least this story here doesn’t fill in his back ground.  So we do not know from which part of India he is from and how he is going to help, if at all?

Obama says, Vivek going to take care kids, Ebola and other things but the guys who want guns in that country do not seem to like him!

I think its time the Asian Indians begin to look for our their own stars like perhaps this Nirupama Rao here!